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Care Team Services - Emergency Calls

Published 03/12/2015 10:33 PM   |    Updated 02/04/2020 04:53 PM

Emergency Calls from Home

This may be a friend or family member who needs to contact a loved one aboard one of our vessels, regarding an emergency back home.   For these calls you must submit the EMERGENCY CALL FORM for Guests or Crew and follow the steps below:  

  1. These calls are typically sensitive in nature and require that you be mindful of the caller’s emotional state.  Be patient, allow the caller to speak, and assure them that their message will be relayed to the appropriate personnel for handling. 
  2. Document the booking history as follows (or similar to the following): “ER call rcvd for Tom from sister, Jackie.  Form completed and sent to ship”.   This will verify that a form was sent and avoid duplicate forms, should the caller contact another agent.
  3. It is okay to inform the caller there may be a delay in the callback as the guest may be off the ship visiting a port of call.  When the person returns to the ship, the message will be provided.  
  4. Should you have any questions or are unsure about anything concerning this type of call, please contact your Supervisor.  If needed, your Supervisor can contact CareTeam to filter any immediate questions you may have.  

Suicide Threats/Concerns

Should you receive a call during a cruise or prior to a cruise regarding threats made by a guest, or concerns that the guest may harm him/herself, please use the GUEST SUICIDE CONCERNS FORM.  The form will automatically be routed to the Security Services Department and CareTeam Services for investigation. Please be careful when selecting this form and only use if the above criteria is determined.   

Guest Disembarkation at Port of Call

Should you receive a call from a guest who has disembarked at a port of call for emergency reasons, or failed to join the ship on time, please follow the steps below:

  1. Advise the caller that you will contact the appropriate team either the Medical Disembark Coordinators (MDC) and/or CareTeam Services for assistance and support.    
  2. If it is a medical debark, the MDCs and CareTeam can be reached at and   
  3. Be sensitive to the caller’s emotional state. 
  4. Make sure to obtain as much information as possible including full names, telephone numbers (mobile, hotel, hospital, etc.), and the name of the ship they were on. 

It is essential that you fill out the Emergency Call Form completely and accurately, as this will determine how quickly we are able to respond and assist our guests and their loved ones.  


  • Fill out the emergency call form with as much detail as possible. 
  • Advise the caller that the ship will be notified, and their loved ones onboard will be offered a courtesy call.  Once the form is submitted, the ship is notified automatically.  
  • Use your resources to assist you in obtaining as much information as possible.
  • Anything prior to the sailing must be handled by the Resolutions or Guest Access. 
  • If you have any questions, look to your management team/supervisor for guidance.


  • DO NOT send an Emergency Call form for a sailing that has concluded.
  • DO NOT email CareTeam with refunds or Guest Solutions issues.

Guest Access Services (Not CareTeam)

Guest Access Services handles incoming and makes outgoing calls to guests and travel agent partners regarding existing bookings that have been coded as “special needs” (i.e. wheelchair, deaf, blind, oxygen, diabetic, dialysis, dietary requirements, etc.).  This team is responsible for ensuring that all information is communicated to our guest regarding how Carnival Cruise Line is able to support their needs.  They are also responsible for acquiring sign language interpreters for our guests who are hearing impaired.  All of the guest requirements are sent to the ship prior to boarding by the Guest Access services team.    

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