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Decorating Your Stateroom Door and Stateroom

Published 11/10/2015 07:19 PM   |    Updated 07/02/2019 10:24 PM

We recognize some of our guests like to decorate their staterooms and we, too, love seeing your creative decorations. However, for safety reasons, we must ask that you abide by the following guidelines for decorating your stateroom door as well as the interior of your stateroom.

In the interest of guest and crew safety, the following stateroom decoration policies will be instituted and strictly enforced:

  • Decorations may consist only of fire retardant materials. Please note that items sprayed with fire retardant spray are not acceptable
  • Decorations may only be placed on the stateroom door and not the surrounding frame, walls or railings
  • You may use magnets or Command Strips but no adhesives such as tape or glue.
  • Over-the-door hanging organizers must hang inside the stateroom, must also be of fire retardant material and cannot damage the door
  • No decorations of any kind are allowed on balconies
  • No decorations or items may be placed over light fittings or fixtures. This may restrict the airflow and cause the item to ignite
  • No string lights of any kind are allowed

For the safety of all guests and crew, any decorations not made of fire retardant material or deemed flammable, will be removed and no compensation will be provided.

Stateroom decorations purchased via our Fun Shops online are made of fire retardant materials. For more information, please visit if you are interested in making a purchase.

Where can I find flame retardant decorations?
For your convenience, we offer flame retardant decorations on our website at  You can also check at your local party decorations stores or online but it is important to ensure the materials are truly flame retardant and to remember that items sprayed with fire retardant spray are not acceptable.

This policy seems extreme. Carnival is taking away something I/my family really enjoy. Why is this necessary?
These new requirements are being mandated by our operational safety experts.  Decorations not made of fire retardant material can pose a fire hazard.  We want all of our guests who enjoy decorating their doors and staterooms to be able to continue to do so but it is imperative that guest and crew safety be given top priority.  We very much appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

What if a guest is upset because the sku/decorations received are a different design than what they purchased?
We will offer a refund or CruiseCash for the purchase price as needed. Our Retail Assistant Managers will manage the refund process per our normal retail refund procedure.



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