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Safety Briefing - Muster Station Drill

Published 03/12/2015 02:01 AM   |    Updated 04/22/2021 04:09 PM

In 2009, Carnival Cruise Line implemented a new Safety Briefing, formerly referred to as the 'Boat Drill'.

According to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), Chapter III, Regulations 19.2.2. and 19.2.3, whenever new passengers embark, a passenger Safety Briefing shall be given immediately before sailing or immediately after sailing. Passengers shall be instructed in the use of the lifejackets and the action to take in an emergency.

Therefore, when the signal for the Safety Briefing blares out, guests will not be required to go to their stateroom to collect their lifejackets. They will proceed directly to their assigned muster station from their location at that time. 

The letter of the muster station to which the guest is assigned (according to stateroom number) is printed on the left bottom corner of the Guest’s Sail & Sign card. The guest will need to have the Sail & Sign card in hand during the Safety Briefing.

During the Safety Briefing, the Evacuation Personnel will be visible to all guests and demonstrate how to wear a lifejacket.

This procedure will improve the guest’s experience and prevent unnecessary accidents due to hanging strings from the lifejackets as well as heat exhaustion at the muster stations during summer-type weather.



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